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Frequently asked questions

  • What does my guest count mean? This number will be the number of seats provided, plates billed for and provided, beverage service billed and provided for. This number is critical as you do not want to pay for extra food that is not being consumed nor do you want to run out.    
  • Do RSVP’s work? Our brides have repeatedly shared the high level of success with using digital forms of RSVP’s. We understand it is less traditional however they do seem to get responses to text message-based RSVP’s. Some use this as a second plan of action while others have chosen this as a primary. A few vendors are: www.eventcreate.com www.greenvelope.com www.replied.app
  •  How many glasses does a gallon of wine slushy serve? There is 128 ounces per gallon. You have the option to have full or half glass servings. A full glass serving is 16 ounces vs a half glass is closer to 9 ounces. We do recommend half glass servings as to prevent wastage when the product melts. Guests are welcome to come back for additional if it is still being provided. A full glass serving would serve 8 guests. A half glass would serve 14 guests. IE: 5 Gallon Serves 60 Guests with a normal half glass serving.
  • Is there a minimum on frozen drinks? To fill the machine 3 gallons is required. Anything past that point can be ordered by the gallon. 
  • Can we specify what wine we want served as a house wine? Unfortunately, due to stocking levels to serve large amounts of guests we do not order specialty wines for house. You do have the option to pre-purchase specialty wines. You will need to purchase these at least 30 days in advance so a quote can be obtained, and the product can be located with a vendor. We cannot get every wine that companies like Walmart or Sam’s Club sell. We work with 4 different wine and alcohol vendors but even with this large of a selection there are still limitations. Additionally, there may be a case minimum from the vendors for certain products. All of this can be discussed once we receive the information of what you are looking for. 
  • What brand is the house wine? This varies as to current market availability and limitations. We would be happy to answer what our current inventory is at our final 14-day meeting. We do stock a variety of types of wine, so we always have sweet and dry options. 
  • What is the difference between sparkling wine and champagne? Our sparkling wine is a sparkling Moscato which is a fuller flavor and sweeter than a regular dry champagne. We do usually serve sparkling Moscato for toasts as we find more guests prefer this option. If you do want a brut or dry champagne, please make sure you let us know. 
  • How many glasses do you get out of a bottle of wine? A sparkling champagne is usually a sparkling Moscato which is a fuller flavor and sweeter than a regular champagne. For a toast we can usually get 8 pours per bottle. That is a partial glass. 
  • How many glasses do you get out of a keg? A keg is 1920 Oz which with a 16 Oz pour would be 120 cups.   
  • How many kegs do we need? We recommend one keg per hundred total guests. This is the average that we see in most events.  
  • What happens if we do not use all the kegs, we pre-purchased? All pre-purchased kegs are forfeited and returned to the vendor at the end of the night. As we are a wedding facility there is no carryout of any form.   
  • What if we run out of beer? We always carry at least one extra keg that can be purchased the night of the event. This keg is the same price as the menu and does not have a last-minute charge that most venues charge. You would also have the option to purchase bottles. 
  • Am I allowed to bring in outside catered food? Under no circumstances do we allow outside catering to be provided. We are an all-inclusive venue. There are many other options in the community that do allow outside catering however we are not one of them. We have chosen this path to keep our hall rental reduced while providing the least amount of stress to our hosts. 
  • When will you put out the appetizers and for how long? Appetizers will go out at the beginning of the reception unless otherwise requested by the guest host. All temperature monitored foods are out for 3 hours or until out. This is monitored by the heaters under the food. They burn 3 hours and once they go out the food is removed. Room temperature items like Chips and pretzels are left all night.   
  • When do you put out the meal? This will be specified by the event host at the final 2-week meeting. 
  • How long does food stay out and available for people to eat? All temperature monitored foods are out for 3 hours or until out. This is monitored by the heaters under the food. They burn 3 hours and once they go out the food is removed.  
  • Can I take the leftovers home with me? Our local board of health has requested we not provide leftovers to go. Any food that you would pack up through the buffet you can do whatever you would like with however we cannot pack or give you any food after that 3-hour point as health code prevents for safety reasons.   
  • Do you provide to-go containers? No, we do not provide any type of to go containers. 
  • Am I allowed to bring in a cake, donuts, cupcakes, cheesecakes, or other desserts from outside vendors? Yes. The board of health has specified it must come from a health inspected kitchen by a SERV safe licensed staff. This not only includes cake vendors but can be places like donut shops and supermarkets. 
  • How many pieces does a half sheet cake feed? 30 
  • How many pieces does a full sheet cake feed? 60 
  • Who sets up the dessert table? This is done by the provider of the desserts. Mirage does not take responsibility to setup outside vendors products. If desserts are provided by Mirage we do setup the full dessert table. 
  • Are disposable plates and utensils provided for desserts? Yes 6” foam plates and plastic forks are provided for all desserts. 
  • Does Mirage cut the cake? Yes. If sheet cakes are provided, they will be precut and plated for easy service.  Tiered wedding cakes will be cut after the cake cutting ceremony is complete by a guest of the wedding party. We ask all pies and cheesecakes be precut before delivery. Serving utensils for pies and cheesecakes must be provided. 
  • Do I get to take home my leftover dessert? As this is not provided by Mirage nor a time and temperature-controlled item you are able to take home desserts. Mirage does not provide any containers so you will want to think ahead. 
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