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Buffet Options

$8.00  Cold Meat Buffet- Deli Style Sandwiches with a variety of meats, sliced cheese, and condiments served on a fresh loafs of French Bread, Choice of (House Salad, Potato Salad,  Pasta Salad or Macaroni Salad), Chips and Pretzels

$9.25  Hot Sandwich Buffet- Choice of Hot Sandwich: Slow Roasted BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken,  Chicken in Bourbon Sauce, Chicken with Pan Gravy, Sugar Baked Ham, with the Choice of  2 (Fresh Vegetables, House Salad, Potato Salad,  Pasta Salad, or Macaroni Salad), Chips and Pretzels

$9.50 Chefs Choice Buffet: Chefs selection of 1  Hors D’oeuvres, 3 Sides, 1 Entree, and Roll.  Selection by chef will be made the week prior to the event based off of market prices.

$10.00 Country Buffet: Fried chicken served with Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, as well as delicious Homemade Biscuits with preserves.

$10.00 Pasta Bar: Choice of 2 Pastas (Bowtie, Rotini, Penne, Fettuccini, Angel Hair), Choice of two sauces ( Marinara, Alfredo, Meaty Marinara, Vodka Tomato) Served with Grilled Chicken, Sautéed Mushrooms, Steamed Broccoli, and Meatballs.  Includes House Salad and Bread stick.

$10.25 One Entree Traditional Dinner Buffet: Choice of Hors D’oeuvre,  3 Sides, and Rolls or Rice)

$11.75 Two Entree Traditional Dinner Buffet: Choice of Hors D’oeuvre,  3 Sides, and Rolls or Rice)

$13.25 Three Entree Traditional Dinner Buffet: Choice of Hors D’oeuvre,  3 Sides, and Rolls or Rice)


$18.95 Ultimate Feast : The Ultimate in elegance and style! Five stations placed throughout the reception venue

·      Chef Station (Choice of 2): Grilled Mini Burgers, Chicken Fried Rice,  Ravioli in Classic Marinara, Fettuccini with Seafood and Vegetables, Crab Cakes, Chicken Strips

·      Carving Station Served and Hand cut (Choice of 1 Meat/ 150 Guests):  Slow Roasted Turkey Brest, Roasted Chicken, Smoked Beef Brisket, Prime Rib, Honey Ham

·      Home cooked sides (Choice of 2 hot and 2 cold sides): See Page 3 for selection

·      Sweet Station:  Fresh fruit with chocolate Fountain.  Includes Strawberry, Pineapple, Apples, Crème Puffs, Marshmallow, and Rice Crispy Treats with our homemade chocolate fountain.

·     Beverage Station: Lighted Punch Fountain or Lemonade, Water, Iced Tea, Regular & Decaf Coffee

Sweet Add-Ons


$8.95/lb Deluxe Mixed Nuts                                             $5.95 /lb Pillow Mints


$5.95/lb Andes Chocolate-Covered Creme de Menthe Mints


$150.00 Chocolate Fountain  (Requires fresh fruit as a side)

$.50 per serving Soft Served Ice Cream Bar (Includes caramel and chocolate drizzles)

$2.00 /person Assorted Desserts (Includes Cheese cake, pies, and drop cakes)

$7.95 /dozen Cupcakes  (White or Chocolate sponge with choice of white or chocolate icing)

$48.00 (Full Sheet Cake)  (White or Chocolate sponge with choice of white or chocolate icing)  approximately 70 servings.

$33.00 (1/2 Sheet Cake)  (White or Chocolate sponge with choice of white or chocolate icing)  approximately 35 servings.

$25.00 Faux Cake* (Use of our 4 tiered round faux cake.  Must supply flowers, ribbons, and/or beads for decoration)

                                                                                                                                 *Available only with the purchase of sheet cakes.


Cold Sides

Fresh Fruit: Seasonal fruit piled high.

Vegetable: Piled high or served as  shots.  Includes carrots, peppers, celery, broccoli, and cucumber served with dip.

House Salad: Romaine tossed with fresh green onions, sprinkled with mozzarella and parmesan cheese in our special Feta Cheese dressing and homemade croutons.

Three-Green Salad: Gourmet lettuce greens, cranberry, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds with raspberry vinaigrette.

Baked Potato Salad: Amish style potato salad with our special sauces of mayonnaise, sour cream, and green onion.

Home-style Macaroni Salad: A creamy blend of macaroni with mayonnaise, peppers, onions, and shredded cheddar cheese.

Fresh Broccoli Salad: A blend of fresh broccoli, red onion, bacon, and mozzarella cheese in our classic sauce.

Hot  Side

Classic Baked Beans: Our home-style baked beans with a deep caramel flavor and hand cut bacon.

Cheesy Potato Casserole: A local favorite.  Hand shredded potatoes with a Velveeta cheese sauce.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese: Macaroni with a double Velveeta Cheese sauce and more cheese baked on top!

Mashed Potatoes: Home-style mashed potatoes or mashed red skin potatoes.  Add cheddar and garlic for a twist.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Hand cut sweet potatoes drizzled with Honey.

Roasted Red Skin Potatoes: Hand cut red potatoes covered in a garlic butter and roasted to perfection.

Asparagus: Fresh asparagus seasoned with butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

Broccoli Cheese Casserole: A delicious blend of cheese baked over broccoli  with crispy bread crumbs.

Green Bean Casserole: Home-style green bean casserole with baked onion crust.

Seasoned Green Beans: Fresh green beans seasoned to compliment main entrée.

Sautéed Carrots:  Baby Carrots sautéed in a light caramel sauce to brown and give a mild sweetness.

Corn & Black Bean:  Flame roasted corn and red/green peppers blended with black beans and seasoned with Cuban influence of spices.

Normandy Vegetable Blend:  This vibrant blend of vegetables includes broccoli, sliced carrots, sliced yellow squash, and sliced zucchini.

Northwest Vegetable Blend: This colorful vegetable blend includes broccoli florets, whole baby carrots, green beans, bias sliced yellow carrots, whole wax beans, and red pepper strips.

Super Sweet Cob Corn: This Super Sweet Jubilee corn variety is ripened with a uniform light to bright golden color served with Cilantro-Lime Butter.

Roasted Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts with Bacon: Roasted flavor of the veggies and smoky, crisp bacon

Mashed Cauliflower au Gratin: Unless someone tells you, you might not know you're eating cauliflower. But if you do like cauliflower, you'll love this version. It's buttery, cheesy, creamy and  wow

Corn Casserole: Corn baked in a buttery cornbread casserole mix.

Buttery Pasta:  Choice of Penne or Linguine with a garlic butter sauce.


Hors  D’oeuvres & Dips


Beer Cheddar Fondue:  A delicious fondue made with mild cheddar and a taste of beer served with bread slices and tortilla chips.

Seafood Spinach Dip: A blend of fresh spinach, shredded crab, mini shrimp, onion, and a classic mayonnaise dressing served with a sweet roll.

Meatballs: Choose from BBQ, sweet and sour, Swedish or bordelaise mush-room.

Cheese Ball & Crackers: Club crackers served with a choice of 3 cheese balls (Cheddar, Sweet Jalapeno, Bacon, Sweet and Spicy Sriracha, Spinach, or  Strawberry served with Grahams)

Hot Spinach Dip: Artichoke and spinach dip blended with multiple cheeses  served with assorted breads and crackers.

Spicy Chicken Buffalo Dip: Shredded chicken with cream cheese and our buffalo sauce served with assorted breads and chips.

Toasted Ravioli: Crunch and delicious baked cheese ravioli served with warm marinara sauce.

Cocktail Vegetable Egg Roll: A delicious combination served inside of a crispy spring roll wrapper.

Mini Crab Cakes: A lightly breaded mixture of lump crabmeat and imitation crab seasoned with green, yellow and red bell peppers with a touch of jalapeno peppers and cilantro served with dip.

Assorted  Mushroom Caps: Whole, de-stemmed mushroom caps stuffed with a variety of delicious flavors.

Roasted Garlic Buffalo Wings: Slow roasted buffalo wings served with a garlic butter and parmesan sauce.

Shrimp and Aassiago Cheese Dip:  Creamy and cheesy and dont forget the mini shrimp served with assorted breads and crackers.

Bacon Guaca-Hummus:  A gentle blend of hummus and guacamole with diced bacon severed with tortilla chips.


Shredded Chicken: Savory or BBQ  shredded chicken. (Served with Sliced buns IPO dinner rolls)

Stuffed Ravioli: Our giant ravioli covered in a delectable 3 cheese sauce with optional lobster bisque.

Smothered Chicken: Sautéed chicken breast with thick cut smoked bacon, onions and cheddar cheese.

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast: Slow roasted turkey breast in a dijon wine reduction. 

BBQ Pulled Pork: Slow roasted and lots of flavor. Served shredded with BBQ. (Served with Sliced buns IPO dinner rolls)

Chicken Penne Alfredo:  Penne pasta with garlic alfredo sauce and chicken breast.

Chicken Strips & Gravy: Tender strips of chicken with a side of light gravy with fresh mushrooms.

Pork Cacciatore: Tender pork loin sautéed with onions, mushrooms, peppers and garlic in a tomato basil sauce. Lightly topped with fresh mozzarella.

Pasta Primavera: Cheese tortellini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash in a pesto cream sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu: Seasoned chicken breast, rolled with ham and provolone cheese, garnished with a creamy hollandaise sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Filet: A delicious pork filet wrapped in bacon, grilled to perfection.

Beef Au Juse: Roast Beef slow cooked and sliced in natural beef broth with onion and peppers

Grilled Kebabs: Choice of marinated pork or Chicken Kabab grilled to perfection.

Mushroom Asiago Chicken: Chunked chicken baked in a creamy wine and asiago sauce with sliced mushrooms.

Teriyaki Chicken Breast: Diced Chicken breast with sautéed onions, green and red peppers in a sweet, spicy teriyaki. (Served with Rice IPO dinner rolls)

Caribbean Chicken Breast: Slow roasted chicken breast chunks served with a Caribbean glaze. (Served with Rice IPO dinner rolls)

Russian Chicken: Slow roasted chicken breast chunks served with a sweet Russian glaze. (Served with Rice IPO dinner rolls)

Avocado Salsa Chicken: Chicken breasts with Avocado and salsa covered in Monterey Jack Cheese.  Garnished with Jalapeno Slices to spice it up!

Chicken Scaloppine: Dredged chicken breast with white wine, kapers. butter, and lemon.  Recommended to be served over buttery pasta with asparagus.

Cranberry Coq au Vin: Heavy glazed chicken thighs smothered with brown sugar, cinnamon and cranberries. Recommended to be served with red skin mashed potatoes.

Honey Kissed Pretzel Crusted Pork Chop- Brushed with a spicy honey-mustard mixture, pork is coated with crushed pretzels, roasted, then served with a drizzle of seasoned butter sauce.


Elite Entrees

Hand Carved Pork Tenderloin ($.75 up charge per person): Marinated Pork Tenderloin hand cut at a carving station served with a homemade seasonal jam.

Prime Rib Au Juse ($1.00 up charge per person): Select top round slow cooked and sliced in natural beef broth with onion and peppers served medium rare.

Oven Roasted Cranberry-Dijon Glazed Ham ($.75 up charge per person):: Glazed ham with a fresh cranberry compote hand cut at a carving station.

6 Ounce Grilled Top Sirloin($4.00 up charge per steak): These expertly and consistently cut top sirloin coulotte steaks are versatile and a good choice for any occasion, with rich beef flavor and a moderately firm bite.

8 Ounce Hanging Tender Beef Steak ($6.15 up charge per steak): Expertly cut, Butterflied, Trimmed to the Blue and prized for its intense beef flavor, hanger steak is sometimes called "butcher's steak," because meat cutters would often keep this cut as a special treat for their own families rather than offer it for sale.

Lime Garlic Peeled & Deveined Shrimp Skewers($3.75 up charge per skewer): 4 Shrimp per Skewer, A mild blend of garlic and lime glazes these skewered, tail-on black tiger shrimp.

Vannamei White Shrimp Skewers ($2.00 up charge per skewer): 10 Shrimp per Skewer, Farm-raised, grilled, vannamei white shrimp are peeled, deveined, and have the tail on.

Menu 4/30/17

Downloand Updated Menu Released 9/6/2017

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