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  • Hand Carved Pork Tenderloin ($.75 up charge per person): Marinated Pork Tenderloin hand cut at a carving station served with a homemade seasonal jam.
  • Prime Rib Au Juse ($1.00 up charge per person): Select top round slow cooked and sliced in natural beef broth with onion and peppers served medium rare.
  • 6 Ounce Grilled Top Sirloin($4.00 up charge per steak): These expertly and consistently cut top sirloin coulotte steaks are versatile and a good choice for any occasion, with rich beef flavor and a moderately firm bite.
  • 8 Ounce Hanging Tender Beef Steak ($6.15 up charge per steak): Expertly cut, Butterflied, Trimmed to the Blue and prized for its intense beef flavor, hanger steak is sometimes called "butcher's steak," because meat cutters would often keep this cut as a special treat for their own families rather than offer it for sale.
  • Lime Garlic Peeled & Deveined Shrimp Skewers($3.75 up charge per skewer): 4 Shrimp per Skewer, A mild blend of garlic and lime glazes these skewered, tail-on black tiger shrimp.
  • Vannamei White Shrimp Skewers ($2.00 up charge per skewer): 10 Shrimp per Skewer, Farm-raised, grilled, vannamei white shrimp are peeled, deveined, and have the tail on.

1640 Winchester Street
Decatur, IN 46733


Phone: +1 (260) 223-3222